Welch Riesling Najman is a noble wine with a greenish-yellow color, fresh harmonious varietal aroma. It gives the best characteristics chilled to 10-12 ° C, served with fresh cheeses or cheeses with white noble mold, and with fish and white meat. Fresh homemade cheese with sour cream by Marica Magič from the nearby village of Kelemen was served, with chopped chives and edible chives flowers dipped in pumpkin oil.

Decanter 2021, bronce!

Graševina Najman

Rhine Riesling Najman is a refined straw-yellow wine, with a rounded bouquet with hints of agave and beautifully balanced acids and extracts. It is excellently chilled to 10 ° C and served with young cow’s and sheep’s cheeses or with roasted duck. They served it with homemade mild cooked cheese from Daruvar.

Decanter 2022, bronce!

Sauvignon Najman is an exceptional wine of a beautiful gentle color with recognizable aromas of herbs, citrus and a hint of tropical fruit. It is most edible at 10-12 ° C and served with medium-ripe semi-hard cheeses or fish and crab dishes. They served it to us with Vindija’s Varaždin Trappist and raisins or cranberries cooked in wine.